About us

Welcome to Klapka Restaurant, in the heart of the city of Komárno. Our restaurant, located in the Zichy Palace building, underwent a complete reconstruction in the spring of 2019 and now opens its doors in a new design under new management.

In our menu, we offer various specialties, hiding traditional flavors wrapped in new attire, as well as local dishes that you can enjoy with pleasure.

Our menu is superbly complemented by a wide selection of domestic and international wines. In the daily and weekly menu options, everyone will find an ideal selection of dishes according to their personal preference. The pleasant atmosphere of our premises provides excellent facilities for organizing various group events and activities. Our primary goal is to provide quality service and, last but not least, an unforgettable gastronomic experience to our esteemed guests.


Our goal is to provide customers with a complete gastronomic experience in the form of quality food and service either in our premises or at the client's location.